So the Brooks Farm mystery cardigan sweater was feeling very neglected – and with a day off Tues. because of the transit strike (OVER now! Hurrah!) I had time on my hands to start the sleeves.


Yep, you probably figured out now that I am making a colortful adaptation of Rowan’s Elfin from a couple of years ago. I had all this GGH Soft Kid left over that perfectly matched a green in the Brooks Farm. I kept it secret because I wasn’t sure the thicker gauge and the BF yardage would work out for this sweater.
So it’s still in the experimental stage. The sleeve came out very wide once the ruffles were in and the pattern calls for almost immediate increases (I have never had a problem with big sleeves before, with my gargantuan arms!) so I am totally improvising the sleeves, doing decreases first for a bell sleeve and then increases, but to fewer stitches, for the top. We’ll see how this works out, but I am no longer in fear of running out of yarn, I think it will be OK.
I think the mohair could have been a deeper color but I’m sticking with it. It will be one colorful sweater.
Happy Chrismukkah, everyone! I hope you all have a great holiday weekend.

5 Responses to “Mmmmm….Ruffles”

happy Chrismukkah to you too! Glad the strike is over for you

I predict that this sweater will be FABULOUS. Have a great holiday!

OMG, it’s looking so great with the addition of the ruffles!

Happy Holidays, lady! And Ty too!

It IS Christmukkah this year, isn’t it? That should lead to world peace, shouldn’t it? I can dream, can’t I?

Happy Christmukkah to you!