…but this arrived this morning. I think it may be Love.


I’d coveted one for years but tiny NYC kitchens do not afford that much space. I’m still not sure where it will go. And the color wouldn’t have been my first choice but it was A Deal and well, it looks nice near my blender which is 50s green. I can’t wait to make bread now!!
In knitting news, well, I started a sock. It’s the same socks I just finished. It’s the same yarn. Thankfully it’s a different colorway or I’d have a nasty deja vu. But those socks were for a swap, and I loved them too much. These are for MEEEEEEEEEEEEE. The pic came out too overexposed though on this dark and rainy day, so it’ll be coming soon.
This may be a good day to finish the sock in front of the TV with the Party of Five Season 2 DVDs that arrived the other day. Ahhhh.

10 Responses to “Santa was a little late…”

Dude. That is a serious piece of equipment. Make lots of decadent goodies with it!

Mmmh. Homemade bread. Mmmh. I’ll test it.

That is a kitchen aquisition that I do not think that you will regret.

Congrats on the new Kitchenaid! I actually love the sunshiny color. Now go bake some bread. 🙂 And enjoy knitting socks while the dough rises.

I have one of those, they are great and I find myself wanting to make cakes just because I have this mixer.

Totally better late than never!!!

Just a beautiful tool/piece of art for the well stocked kitchen…

Happy New Year, Jackie! 🙂

Oh, you will NEVER regret finding the space for your Kitchenaid. I love mine, and it must be 20 years old now, or close to it. Did you get a bread dough hook with yours? That’s important for the kneeding. Happy New Year!

Mixmaster! I am jealous. How did you get a deal? They never go on sale. Even on ebay they are expensive.

I joke w/my friends at work that I need to get engaged or pregnant in order to have a shower just to get a mixmaster.

Personally, I think its a lovely color. And I have a collection of bread cookbooks, if you ever want to take a peek. Enjoy the new toy!

I love my KitchenAid mixer, it never leaves the counter top. I’d like to recommend my favourite bread recipe – Oatmeal Casserole Bread – it makes the BEST bread ever.
You can see it at the end of this post.