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Status Report Part Deux

Posted by jackie blue on December 9th, 2005

Oh let’s see, where should I begin?

1) I’m in hell with a 16 page newspaper supplement that’s paying me Jack Shit but keeping me VERY busy.
2) All the knitting I needed done for this week or next, NOT.
3) I have been knitting, but I can’t show it to you. Damn gift recipients who read my blog.
4) I haven’t touched a project for me in at least a week or two, though I really need to finish I hat I started.
5) Jenn is fabulous in so many ways but most recently because she got me a skein of the yarn I needed to finish the hat. I’ve been too busy to make it to The Point.
6) Don’t go telling me this snow is pretty. It’s a disgusting slushy nightmare out there.
7) I had nearly 4 days of diarrhetic dog and you sure didn’t want me blogging about THAT.
8) Still no bird though some are in eggs now, Could be looking at mid-January.
9) Finally saw Harry Potter. Rocked.
10) I promise these numbered lists stop soon and a real post will come. Happy Weekend everyone!