Some months ago for my birthday, some wonderful friends gave me a gift certificate to Purl, one of my favorite LYS. They chose that place because a) I am a Rowan kind of girl and they carry it and b) I kept fondling the cashmere there. But till now, I didn’t use the gift. I wanted it to go for something special, and I couldn’t decide on what.

Cut to yesterday. A bunch of us got together and Cassie was wearing her marvelous Tubey. I have admired that sweater since she first started knitting it and when it made it to Knitty, I considered making it but wasn’t sure it would flatter my curvy figure. So I tried hers on yesterday. For size, and for general flattery. Actually, a whole bunch of us tried it on. All different shapes and sizes. And I swear it was like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Sweater, it looked great on ALL of us.

So I knew I had to make it. And I knew Purl carried Cashsoft Aran, which was close enough to the Cashmerino Aran it called for. And I allowed myself new yarn only if it was bought with this certificate.

I was home working today (yes, on a Sunday, how pitifiul) and it was nice out and I started having Ty guilt. The boy needed some fresh air and exercise so I thought you know what, I’m gonna walk him over to Purl. And I bought this:


Blues weren’t on my mind but of all the colors they had, these seemed to look nicest together. And it would make a great “with jeans” sweater. I’m using the darkest for the main body, and I’m going to make less colored stripes, using the lighter ones just for accent stripes on a mostly solid body. You can’t really tell but the two neutrals are not the same – one is an oatmeal color and the other cream.

So how perfect did this gift turn out? I got Rowan yarn, with cashmere in it, and to make a sweater one of the gift givers designed herself. I believe it was Meant To Be.

18 Responses to “Allowed Acquisition”

Oh, will you ask Cassie to go on tour with Tubey so the rest of us can try it on, too? 🙂 I love the colors you ended up with. Can’t wait to hear more about how you make this pattern your own. And with cashmere. mmmmm..

That is going to be such a kickass sweater. I adore Cashsoft. Just dying of envy here.

Your colors are beautiful. Your Tubey is going to look great on you.

Can’t wait to see/touch it 😉 Tubey is definitely on my list, too.

Great choice! Sorry I missed the modelling of the original Tubey. Sigh. I can’t say an afternoon at the vet was more enjoyable than an afternoon with my favorite knitters.

oh, really, looked good on all of you? I would have loved to see that, because I put the idea aside thinking it wouldn’t look as good on me as on Cassie. I am knitting with rowan cashsoft aran at the moment and it’s a very enjoyable yarn indeed. Have fun!

I missed a Tubey party? Damn.

Yours is going to be great – the cashsoft is luscious.

That is going to be one gorgeous sweater.

Delurking again to say thanks for letting us know the Tubey is flexible! I’ve bought the yarn for it but haven’t started because I am curvy too and wasn’t sure… And I’m jealous of that beautiful yarn – makes me want to squish it!

I also went on a Cassie inspired Tubey yarn trip Sunday! Black, purple, red, and green it shall be. It really is amazing how the sweater worked on all of us. I love the idea of a Tubey Tour!

i’m so bummed i wasn’t there for the tryon party. i could have wowed you all with my mysterious “looks tiny in her clothes until she tries on something that fits other people and they see how it doesn’t fit her” size.

i love the colors you picked out. sweaters that look good with jeans are the best! 🙂

The fact that you can walk to Purl is already making me green with envy. But mmmmm. Cashsoft Aran. I’m dying over here.

I just love cashsoft. A wonderful sweater it will be. And it matches the blog!

Oh how I love that yarn. I did Katrina Rib in it, and I want to pet it all day. The colors are great!

I can’t wait to see it in blues! And I am kicking myself for not somehow getting pictures of everyone in Tubey. Why didn’t I get pictures? It was so the Sisterhood of the Traveling Tubey.

Oh, Jackie, those colors are going to look smashing on you! I can’t wait to see it. It was great seeing you twice in two days! Hope to see you again soon.

I have some Cashsoft; haven’t knitted with it yet, but boy is it super soft. Those are great colors you picked, too.

Those colors are absolutely gorgeous! You have inspired me to try Tubey also.