There’s been little knitting time this past week with a lot of work piling on. I couldn’t resist starting Tubey, and that’s providing a nice bedtime TV watching project, but with 20 or so inches of straight stockinette, not very exciting to show. The cable sock has made little progress, and the Elfin has stalled at the ruffles of the second sleeve. Sigh. But it’s not like we haven’t been a little domestic around here,
It was frigid cold today and I barely left the house. I had some work to get done but the oven and mixer were calling out to me, so I made bagels! Yes, I know I live in NYC where there are bagels at every turn. But believe it or not, it’s still hard to find good ones. My favorites are pretty uptown and I’m a downtown kind of girl so I thought I’d take a try at making them myself.


These came out so great I can’t even tell you. All I know is, I may never need to buy a store bought bagel again. The true test will be tomorrow, when I see if they harden too much. Pass the cream cheese!

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Yum! Those look great! I wonder which recipe you used; I’ve never made my own bagels. You’ll have to let us know how they turned out with cream cheese.

they LOOK pretty fucking great!!! i’m impressed! wish i could be there eating them!!!!!!!

I am SO hungry.

Oh my…those look PERFECT.

oh those bagels look yummy!!!
I need to go get me some H&H bagels to go with the salmon schmear I smuggled back with me…
And then promptly take my derriere to yoga/fitness 🙂

Yummy! I’m so glad you decided to make the bagels! What a good baker you are. 🙂

WOW! your very own bagels! they look super delicious.. you’ll have to let us know how they taste.. mmmmm…

Your bagels look so delicious…. i’m hungry!

How fun that you made your own bagels. Work is a double-edged sword: it’s yarn money, but it steals knitting time!

Wow those look delicious! What recipe did you use?

Ooh, yummy! You do need to tell where you found the recipe.

Those look perfectly delicious! Do let us know if you can share the recipe, or its source.

Wowee! Those bagels look delicious. So? How are they a day later? did you freeze any? I’m very impressed.

Wow!! Those look amazing!

Oh golly, come over and make some, please?

How was day two?

Oh my god. Those look better than any store bought shit I’VE ever seen. And who cares about the NYC bagels at every bodega turn. When we have Cafe Jackie……who needs em?

Those are so incredibly yummy-looking! Did they harden up too much on day two? We await for your results. 🙂