OK – this is really embarrassing. I’ve done almost no knitting in the last couple of weeks. I’ve been swamped with work and spending what spare time I have either reading, watching TV mindlessly, or in the dog run. There was that glimmer of hope when I brought Tubey over to a friend’s to watch some TV and then I discovered I had two different sized needles with me (I’m doing the rounds on two circs) so that ended that for the evening. So, I give you my paltry progress.


It was a case of To Stripe or Not To Stripe on the sleeve and I decided to stripe mostly based on the fact that I won’t have enough main color if I didn’t. I think I may pick up another skein or two just in case anyway. The two neutrals are very close together in real life so you really can’t see them here but trust me, there’s 3 colors in those stripes.

I still don’t have finished socks or a gift for a certain kid I’ve yet to meet, and I must get back to work now. But there’s hope for the weekend coming up. I assure you, There Will Be Knitting.

4 Responses to “It Ain’t Much, But It’s Something”

You bet there will 🙂

I hope you’ll come see the kid before you’re done knitting! We won’t care.
And to what Juno said: :ppppp

Yes, much knitting.

I was beginning to wonder whether or not you were alive. Glad to hear the answer is “yes”.