…of all the knitters out there competing in the Knitting Olympics. I thought about it. I really did. I thought hmm…surely I can get through a pair of socks or something. For most people, not much of a challenge. For me, who has had barely more than a half hour of knitting in the past 4 days, would be a feat. But then I thought better of the whole thing. I’m never good at KALs. I surely fail, get bored with the project, whatever. And here I am sitting on three things I really want done soon.

A sock has less than half a foot to go, but it’s doubtful that will be done before the weekend. Tubey, which I do pick up every once in a while while watching TV at night, is nearly done with the second sleeve and screaming for a body to join it. Nevermind that I will likely need more yarn, and soon, and that I will probably rip out the first sleeve when it’s done and knit that over. I don’t like way I sewed up a hole on that one, and the color joins don’t match up so well. Then I have one more gift project SOCLOSE I can see and end. But I need to sit down and do it.

So there, my Olympics goal is to have those three things completed so I can move on to two more in progress pieces – the multicolored Elfin and the lace bottom of Lisette – neither is going to see much if any wear time till next Fall because I really fear it will be 65 degrees when they are done, but they must get done. No casting on for anything new in the near horizon except another pair of socks. That I will allow.

There is no Team FOs button and technically I’m not even a contestant for a) I didn’t sign up and b) the competition calls for you to cast on a new project tonight and that’s not happening. But in my mind, I’m in the race. I expect to have some FO photos soon. And in the meanwhile, I’ll be jealous of all the real competitors and their cute little buttons.

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Jackie, you’re brilliant. Check your e-mail.