Finally winter.


Finally a dog that plays with others.


Finally warm comfy socks, perfect for today.


11 Responses to “Finally”

it’s like a wish you were there postcard…. I wish I was there with the gos 😉

Pretty socks! I like the coloring with the cables.

We’ve got that snow going on here too. YEAH!

Love the socks! What yarn is that?

I think I know that corner — not too far from Two Boots, methinks.

Yay for happy snow dogs! And yay for cool socks!

Ty looks like he’s in heaven. The socks look gorgeous! About time we got some winter around here.

Love the understated stripe effect!!

yea! you finished them! they’re gorgeous. !!! p.s. still here, earliest flight i can now get on is 6:50 tonight. can you believe that? 29.6 inches of snow results in a 27 hour flight delay! hellooooooo i need this kind of snow in chicago!!!!

Those snow pictures are wonderful, except now I’ve got a chill………
Great socks……

Beautiful socks! Is this your pattern or one that was bought or published on the web? Thanks.

Mmmmmm….lovely socks.

I can’t believe all that snow’s gone already. It ain’t natural, it ain’t.