I have no idea how over a week has passed with no check in. Time is getting the best of me, but I managed to sneak in entire days of knitting over the weekend despite not having Monday off like most of this country. My goal of finished socks and gift has been met. Now it’s a race for finished Tubey. And there’s a handicap. I am running out of the dark blue yarn, for sure. But here’s where we are so far:


I still have a ton of work to do for freelance clients and a dental appt. today so I’m not even sure I’ll make it to Purl today for more yarn. I hope they even still have the color. But the possibility of finishing by the end of the weekend is there, and I remain optimistic.

4 Responses to “Olympic Finishing Update”

well it looks really awesome so far. *fingers crossed* on finding more yarn!

Yikes, an Olympic knitter’s worst nightmare – running out of fiber……….
Tubey looks pretty good, however! In fact, Tubey looks excellent!

Well, call them and have them hold it for you.

Keeping my fingers crossed that they have more – V’s right, call them, they’re great about things like that.