To distract you from the fact that there’s no Tubey photo yet…here’s a cute dog.


Ty went through a hellish groom yesterday and he’s such a show dog when he comes out. I love this photo because it really makes him look like a delicate little frou frou dog instead of the 25 lb. monster of scruff he really is. It amuses me. He’s been turning heads in the street since he got out, he’s that gorgeous.
And here’s a sock – Jaywalker out of Knitpicks Sock Garden.


I had declared these the ugliest socks ever due to the thick pool of stripes but you know what? It’s really grown on me. I think I like it.

15 Responses to “Distraction”

the socks will be adorable, but as cute as the dog is… not distracted. Where is the Tubey 🙂

I don’t get what’s wrong with the socks. Cute colors, great stripes. They’re fab.

Hi Ty! Whoosagooboy? Whoosaprettypuppy?

Oh, uh, nice socks, too.

Bichon Face! What a cute boy you are, Ty!

I like the socks. The colors aren’t nearly as bad as you thought they were.

Ty, you are the most beautiful dog in the world.
You look gorgeous!!!. Grandma

I’m totally distracted. Ty, you’re just the fluffiest whitest puppy ever, aren’t you?

What a flufferpupper he is!!

The socks and the Ty are both adorable!

Dear Ty,
You are an adorable schmoo with your new groomed look. Maybe my mommy will see this and finally give me a freakin’ bath.


I think those stripes look fantastic. Love those colors together!

I LOVE your Jaywalkers! They are beautiful!! Puppy is pretty beautiful too!!

Can’t. Stand. The. Cuteness.

Ty is so cotton-ball-esque!

yeah i’m so not getting distracted by the dog. tubey. dude. tubey.

Well, hello there, Ty! You’re so white and fluffy!

I think the stripes totally work with the Jaywalkers.

And… tu-BEE, tu-BEE!