It’s not that I didn’t want to show it to you. Really. I took like 1000 photos and I just couldn’t get a good one that wasn’t blurry or grainy, or that I didn’t have a dumb face in, or mostly that I didn’t look like I gained that zillion lbs. that I did. But I failed. So I give the teeny shot of me as a compromise. Really I’m not quite as busty as I appear. That Tubey is some boobage enhancing sweater. Now THAT should get me some interesting Google references.


In other news, I’m buried under work but have been trying to work on Lisette. I had to rip her collar last night but the border is 1/3 done and seaming has commenced. Hopefully soon…

18 Responses to “Tubey, already”

Damn, woman, look at that rack on you. 🙂 Tubey looks great lady. thanks for coming out last night.

It looks good on you! You look shapely and feminine.

Tubey looks great. I was concerned about the boob enhancement when it was first published. I think I’ll keep it off my To-Knit list for the sake of everyone around me.

it looks great on you. I love the colours very flattering.

Looks fantastic. Sexy. Men will follow you down the street.

i think it looks great. the color is perfect on you.

looks damn good on you!
congrats 🙂

Crazy cute. You and Tubey both.

Oh yes! Tubey looks fantastic on you and I adore both the colors and the stripe sequence that you chose. This sweater is a winner!

Tubey looks very cool – if it’s boob enhancing I should def make one….I really like the colours you made it in.

You’ve got the “blues” in a good way! That really is your color.

That sweater looks awesome on you.

I think you like like a rock star in that tubey! Looks great and love the colors!

You look so great in your Tubey!

I love it!! It looks really great on you.

That’s one hell of a sweater…looks INCREDIBLE on you. Or you in it. Or…

I’m so making this sweater.

wow that really nips you in at the waist! i think i might do one with ribs at the bust, and eliminate them below that… so as not to draw attention to the mis-shapen areas beyond! cause as i see, it definatly enhances whatever’s there! 🙂

I love it! That’s a “come hither” sweater if ever I’ve seen one. Yours looks really good around the tricky front joining area, too. Great work, and thank goodness for digital cameras, eh?