In my quest to make 2006 the Year of Finishing, I haven’t started any new projects except for socks since Tubey. So now that Tubey is done, I’ve been working here and there on both Lisette, and Elfin. But it occurred to me yesterday, the first day of Spring (despite last night’s frigid temps , Man was it cold walking Ty last night) that both those sweaters, being of dark colors and wool content, really wouldn’t be worn when done. At least not till Fall.
So I put them temporarily aside.
Remember this?
This cotton lace monstrosity was long forgotten, to the point that when the pattern was messed up due to increases and decreases, I didn’t even bother to work it out again. Well, I picked it up a few days ago. And figured out the strange number of stitches I had and how to get the lace back on track. And despite the fact that there are mistakes in it (mostly on the sides and hopefully not very visible in the end), I’ve decided to make this my main Spring project. It’s got a long way to go, I’m barely up to the armholes on the back, but I’m determined. Maybe I can get some wear out of this before summer. At least in air conditioning.
So what if pink/green combos are So Last Year? (or in my case, TWO years ago?)

4 Responses to “Alice Who?”

Yes! another Alice. You’re not alone. I finished the back today and am up to the armholes with the two fronts. A photo on my blog tomorrow. Hope we can both wear this before the end of summer.

I sat with you in knitny as you toiled away on that sweater and I thought it was a great project! Glad to hear that you are working on it again…and, if I didn’t have so many other things going now and had more time, I would start that myself. All the young boys still love Alice as do some old knitters!!

Well, I first heard of pink n’ green together during the days of the Official Preppy Handbook. Methinks its a classic by now.


Your Alice looks amazing thus far. I too think the colour combo is a classic. I started Alice myself over the weekend, and I just did a mad google search and came across your blog. I’m about to start the decreases on the back and thus the cause for panic. Not exactly sure what I’m doing. If you have any advice on how to incorporate the inc/dec, would love to hear it. 🙂