It’s one of those weeks. So busy that dinner is usually around 10, and I have to cancel on friends I haven’t seen in weeks. I hate this. I don’t understand how I can work my butt off all the time and still have no money. And it’s so nice out today…sigh.
I did manage to see Heather for a short while last night, she joined me on my semi-annual “Beefening” so at least I know there will be good eats around these parts.
Busy like this means little knitting time this week, but luckily I have made good headway on Alice until now. The lace is now so second nature I’m….gasp, knitting lace in public! The evidence:


Shoulder shaping should be soon and then I can start the front. I’m determined to get an hour of knitting a night before bed, so we shall see.

7 Responses to “Alice in her party dress”

Dammit, that song’s going to be stuck in my head ALL day now!

Wow, nice! And knitting it in public, too, that’s impressiv.

She is purdy. How about Friday lunch-ish?

Love these colors! I adore so many of the sweaters and tank tops you have knittied.

between those summery colors and the weather today i just want to ditch my desk and head to the park with my knitting …

Being that busy sucks 🙁
Alice is very nice though! The colours are really pretty.

It looks stunning, and such a very Jackie color…. congrats on knitting lace in the wild. 😉