Thanks to those who offered pity on my long work days. But fear not, although my weekdays have generally been hell lately, I do make sure to have weekends. At least one of those weekend days is reserved for friends and this weekend, I was lucky to have two. A nice brunch on Saturday with friends Thea and Peter and their adorable 8 month old boy was followed with a bit of shopping to help usher in the Spring weather. Which, by the way, is gone today. Welcome to NYC.

Sunday I went to The Point to spend some quality time with the visiting Kate and her adorable Tadpole, along with other local friends including Valentina and HER cutie-pie, Squeeky. Yes my friends, it was a baby packed weekend. You could die from the cuteness.

My own bit of cute, Ty, reminded me it was back to the grind of the weekdays yesterday when my dog walker called to tell me he’d stolen and eaten something in a yellow wrapper. I came home to find that he had completely devoured a packet of TetraMin fish food. And left me the remnants of the packet, everywhere. I guess he wants to be a fish. I’m going to test that theory when I throw him in a bathtub of water some time soon.

In small knitting news, I did finish the back of Alice, and socializing Sunday resulted in about 7 inches of left front, when not holding babies. I may not have this done before summer, but I’m getting somewhere.

3 Responses to “Jack is not THAT dull”

Seven inches of lace in public? WOW!

jealous that you got to see Kate and Tadpole 🙂

Tubey looks stunning, dear!