About a year ago, Sarah mentioned that it would be fun to have a make-your-own-pasta party. A bunch of us agreed, and then you know, it never happened. It got hot out, so who wanted to stay in and cook? It got cold out, so tomatoes weren’t in season. You know, excuses. But the other day, she mentioned it again and invited us to her place for the festivities if I could bring my pasta machine. It hasn’t seen any action in quite a while, so of course I could!

Today I went over there and we, with the help of Sara, Em and Melissa, hand cranked pasta, sipped wine, broke bread, and hell yes, we knit too.


Sarah and Sara make dough.


Cranking and cutting was a team effort.


My pasta rack was AWOL, so the girls separated spaghetti
to rest before boiling. It was almost like untangling sock yarn.


The finished product, delicious.


And Alice has a near completed right front. Yes, I know I put it on the left side.

10 Responses to “Pasta Party”

I said I was heartbroken. No need to rub it in.

Great pictures! Thanks for documenting the process for pasta posterity. PS I’ve got your recipe/instruction book, I’m assuming you can wait until next gathering for me to return it?


waaaaaaah! i can’t believe i missed the good stuff for a day at the f*cking office. (serious pouting). the next time better be sooner than a year from now, ok?

I”m not quite ready for a hand-cranking pasta machine – I’m still eyeing a KitchenAid mixer – but thanks for the demo and letting me play !!

Wish I could have been there!

how fun! and it looks delish too!

Oh dear, you’ve made me hungry. I am in awe of you pasta making babes, it kinda reminded me of watching my sister prepare her fiber for spinning. Though instead of a tiny skein of yarn, your finished product is deliciously edible. You rock.

I half-expected some knitting to happen with the fresh pasta! Edible socks? Now that’s a project I could easily get behind!

Hey Ms. J…I came in to see how you’re doing and was met with the fab pasta post. It warms my heart to see you’re still such a foodie! Love it!

Your knitting is as prolific as always. Tubey looks GREAT. I look forward to coming in to see how Alice turns out.

Give Ty our love! xo,