I’m just so tired of seeing that pasta post (my blog is my browser home page) so here’s what’s been going on.

1) The weather has been extraordinary, so Ty and I have been spending a lot of time basking in the breeze on benches in the dog run. Morning and night, I figure we’ve been there about 4 hours of each day.
2) I am on a quest for a cute spring/summer bag that isn’t a fortune. So far I only love one, but I can’t get myself to spend $300 for STRAW.
3) Work has really slowed down, which is nice for gym going and shopping, but a little worrisome as to how I will have enough money for the next few months if I keep shopping.
4) I have been shopping. I need spring clothes that fit.
5) I started going back to the gym, so my old spring clothes will someday fit.
6) I have done precious little knitting. Alice has half a left front, but I am too distracted.
7) There’s still no new bird in the Blue household. Isn’t Spring when all these birds are supposed to hatch?
8) My dog really needs a bath again.
9) I really need to blog more often, so I might ramble on about things other than knitting.
10) I’d really like a Margarita.

6 Responses to “One of those lists again”

You went shopping without me? Dude!

5) can you find a way to get me back to the gym.
9) i agree, you need to blog more. i miss you!
1) wow. that sounds awesome.
10) yummmmm margaritas!!!

I didn’t catch any of that except the margarita part.

Yay for margarita ( as I type fully tanked !!)
I had dinner at good ol’ Zarela’s and am happily swimming in a sea of mango margarita. The faux-Mexian never agrees with me me – but their drinks always celebrates me a perfect Friday 😉

I’m going to go ahead and recommend — however far out of the way it may be! — Beso in Park Slope, (5th Ave and Union St, Bklyn — the 2/3 to Bergen or the R to Union), which has the absolute best margaritas in the entire world. Ever. Period. End of story.

Also, I don’t blame you on the knitting distraction — I haven’t been able to pick up my needles in a dog’s age because there is just so much other great (or not-so-great) stuff to do!

Re: No. 10.

As would we all.