I’m tired of not posting. I can’t blame work, though I am working, it’s not been that hectic lately. I just haven’t been knitting all that much. I knit when friends come over to watch TV (my place has become Lost and Buffy headquarters) but progress is slow. Here’s where Alice is now:


A back, 2 fronts, one sleeve nearly to the cap shaping. It’s gonna be awhile, I think.
I seem to spend a lot of time on the web, researching stuff. One thing I’ve been thinking about lately is taking up sewing. Not that I really have a desire to sew, I don’t. But I see such pretty fabrics out there, and basic cotton skirts in stores I frequent (J. Crew, Anthropologie) run well over $100 for stuff I can probably make for $20. My mother sewed when I was a kid. A lot. I just never got the gene, I guess. But this might be coming in the mail soon.


Might. I can’t seem to press the “checkout” button. Do I really need another craft I may not stick to and never finish projects?
I’ve also been looking a lot at reviews for this.


I have a phone. A good phone. But I miss a lot of calls on it due to low volume ringtone and a vibrate function that is very flawed. I don’t need this. I don’t. It sure is pretty though.
Since this is becoming more of a pictorial than an actual post, this one’s for Claudia.


Even my dog is bored.

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Aw! Buck up, Ty. Soon there’ll be a new cellphone to chew on and a machine that makes funny stitchy noises. There’s be piles of fabric to nest in…all kinds of good stuff.

I do agree that so many of those cute summer skirts seem like they could be whipped up and stitched up likety-split. I don’t want to enable you, but…

You so *do* need that phone. I got a Razr (or however you spell it) a few weeks ago. Love. It.

the only real issue w/ sewing for yourself is you can make things that turn out great but don’t fit. so i would advise to do one of those ‘fitting patterns’ first which basically will help you figure out your real size as far as pattern sizing goes (which is actually consistent across all sewing pattern manufacturers! imagine!), and maybe once you’ve picked a skirt pattern you’ve liked, make one in muslin first as a prototype. because it’s super sad when you cut out fabric you love and make something and then it doesn’t fit, and somehow how you cut it or lack of excess means it can’t even be altered to fit.

get nancy zieman 10,20,30 minutes to sew for basic instructions, it’s good.

or you know come to chicago and we can have a skirt making weekend together! yea! 🙂

I am with cari, Ty… there will be time at the dog park and treats soon 🙂
As for Ms. Jackie- well I am with ya, but we will get out of the funk sooner or later right?? 🙂

I’ve been feeling the siren call of the sewing machine lately, too. It starts with wishing I had one just to do simple jobs like sew a backing to a knitting blanket, and progresses to fantasies of 1920’s-style overcoats.

Make sure you like the functionality of the Motorola phones before you plonk down the cash – my brother got the nifty-looking razr and was totally disappointed with the way it actually worked.

Oh I love your green sweater!!! Beautiful work. Just amazing! You do wonderful work!

Ty, who is the world’s cutest dog? C’mon, who is it??