I posted some days ago about almost buying a sewing machine. After that post, Valentina calls me and says No! Don’t! I have one I will sell you, cheap. So, it was a good excuse to see her for lunch, and get to Economy Candy for the latest Candy Swap, and I took her machine. It’s a very basic model – no fancy stitches built in like the one I almost bought. No automatic buttonholes. But, it’s a good way to learn and figure out if I really want to do this, and the price was right. Plus it’s as good as new.


My mother gave me some scrap fabric to practice on so sometime this weekend, I hope to start sewing.
In knitting news, still working on the second sleeve of Alice, but look, oh look what just arrived.


Think I’ll resist casting on for Cherry? Ha.
There’ll be no knitting tonight, Jenn and I are going to see one of my favorite bands, Rogue Wave, in Brooklyn tonight. Gotta get out of the house once in a while!

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Seeing as you need an excuse to see me, I can show you the basics. And I can burry you in fabric scraps, too. Say when.

Lucky You!

So jealous – I was hoping to catch the Wave at Maxwell’s tomorrow night, but the bastards sold out weeks ago. Have fun!

A simple machine will serve you well for learning. Me thinks that experienced sewers who need all the bells and whistles get sergers, anyway.

i hope you had an awesome time last night! wish i could have been there!!

i sewed for years on a machine that could only go either back or forth – it didn’t even have zig zag!!! 🙂

(but p.s. i disagree with colleen – no serging for me but my two new machines do have a ton of options… but we can talk about that more! wanna come visit?)

Hi, you don’t know me but I was going to buy a new fancy sewing machine too, but my friend said its not worth it! All you need are the basic stitches!! Ck out our site for sewing & knitting stuff (including patterns, sew-a-long,etc…..) good luck with the sewing.

I bought that Cherry pattern myself — very Jackie AND Claudia.

Good yarn choice….I swatched with Rowan Cotton Glace and thought it would be too stiff.