Ok – so despite a crazy busy week, there’s been some knitting going on. Alice still needs the rest of her second sleeve, but the poor dear needed a rest. Cherry just came barging in and she’s taking over.


I just love working with Shine a lot more than that Cotton Glace which feels like twine. This is soft and luscious, and I’m getting pretty good gauge despite it being a sport weight vs. DK. Cherry is a great pattern for TV watching, almost mindless but just enough to keep it a little interesting.
And look what arrived today!


Several patterns to get me started on making some cute things. I still haven’t even attempted to thread the sewing machine, mind you. Maybe this weekend I’ll give it all a practice run.

2 Responses to “She knits! She sews! Well, not yet.”

Ooh – I love that brown A-line skirt.

Cotton Glace? *Tell* me about it. Cherry indeed is very inviting….