I am long overdue for a post – there just hasn’t been all that much to show lately. Cherry is coming along nicely – I have a back, one front piece and the second front piece is halfway there. I haven’t had too much time for knitting lately but I expect some beach time this weekend (FINALLY some nice weather in store) will remedy that.
I also haven’t been sewing yet, really, except for some practice seams and learning how to thread the machine, etc. But I certainly have been shopping in preparation. So here’s what I got lately:
First, on a button expedition yesterday, some buttons for Cherry:


And for Alice, should I ever finish THAT one:


During an outing to the Renegade Crafts Fair with some friends a couple of weeks ago, I picked up some scrap fabric at the Repro Depot booth before it was total mayhem in there. The brown isn’t enough for a garment except for maybe a spaghetti tank, but I liked it. The pink will become a circular needle holder – I bought some solid brown to line it and some batting so I might try a little quilting technique for that. (slippery slope, people…). The blue is barely enough for a skirt but has already been cut for one – I figure this to be my practice piece but if it’s wearable in the end, even better.


Then I went nuts with Denyse Schmidt fabric from Cia’s Palette. And yesterday bought thread and zippers to match, so I’m all set when I feel confident enough to make actual pieces. We have 2 skirts and a dress in the making here, folks. Hopefully I will gain the courage before summer is over, these aren’t exactly Fall items.


And now that I have been to a great local quilting store and know there’s another as well, I may not be able to control the printed cotton fabric habit that’s developing. I might just have to take a quilting class.

6 Responses to “Show and Tell”

Those are really pretty fabrics! Quilting is getting to be so darn tempting to me as well.

i’ve been meaning to send you an email prod, it’s too quiet around here without you!

help? dude, quilting is the easiest sewing there is – it doesn’t have to actually FIT YOUR BODY. 🙂

the buttons you picked out are quite lovely.

Danger, Jackie Robinson, Danger!!!

Great fabric selection. I’m right there with you on the whole sewing/possibly quilting situation.

Great fabrics. Thanks for the link!

if you want company for that quilting class, you know where to find me! i have so many future sewing projects lined up … now i just need the guts to dive in.