OK, my first skirt attempt. The Pattern is New Look 6410 #A, the fabric is the ubiquitous Denyse Schmidt quilting fabric. So the ribbon trim took 2 tries and the zipper took 3, but who’s counting?


Despite the *easy on the pattern sleeve, I think this might have been slightly ambitious for a very first project. The low yoke waist and ribbon trim were a little tricky for a first timer, not to mention the invisible zipper. I ordered the special foot since my (older, used) machine came only with a regular zipper foot, and I wasn’t going there even though my mother has always done invisible zippers that way.
I’m happy with it. Perhaps more so than with my second skirt, which needs to be hemmed before it’s photographed. That one was easy, with an elastic waist, but those waists aren’t so big on the flattering.

13 Responses to “Finished Skirt #1”

one down, many more to go!
looks great dude. that colorway of the fabric so brought you to mind even before you made this skirt!

Looks great!!! I actually love the ribbon, even if it did take 2 tries. And zippers do get easier. In school they had us put in zippers with scrap fabric for an entire afternoon. Practice practice practice…ugh…
Sadly, I don’t think I even remember how to do it.

The skirt looks great, lady!!

I think it looks fantastic for your first effort. And believe me, it took more than 3 tries for my first invisible zip. Congratulations! I just got a bunch of vintage patterns and hope to start posting pictures soon.

I love it! The fabric is wonderful (and matches your blog). At first I thought it was the same pattern I used for my first skirt a couple of months ago, but I went and looked it up and it’s not…

That is very flattering on you. Luckily I really hate sewing, so’s that I’m not tempted…

That is one fine looking garment–congrats!

Looks good. The ribbon is a nice touch. Congrats!

Super cute! Great job!

Great job! I have been trying to get myself to that point for ages…

lovely skirt. Did you get the fabric from Purl Patchwork?

Oh that is such a lovely skirt, the fabric is gorgeous, it looks very chic and I love the low waiste.

Adorable! I totally dig the fabric.