Is how I am feeling today. It should have been a really good day, a really good weekend. It started out with a nice gathering of friends, OK, the reason wasn’t a very happy one, it was a goodbye for Valentina, but it was otherwise a really nice day. And then I had Sunday to look forward to.

You might remember that back in November I lost my little bird, Kelly. I knew I wanted another bird and almost immediately I started looking for a baby parrotlet. Most of the exotic bird stores in Manhattan have long closed. There’s a couple left, and one had some good reviews, so I called and emailed several times. I told them I wanted a male baby and they didn’t have any. They promised to call when they did and even after several more phone calls and email, they never contacted me. They’ve probably had dozens of them by now, but lousy customer service.

That sent me on the breeder trail – and I had decided on a very particular kind of parrotlet, so the trail wasn’t a clear one. Most breeders were out of all the parrotlets, they are a pretty desireable bird it seems. Finally after months of web searching and email, a found a breeder with eggs, and a fabulous price even with shipping from another state, so I stopped looking. I had found my bird, and put a deposit on him. A few days ago I bought all new perches and toys and made a fun environment for him.

Yesterday was pickup day. I was so excited. I had planned to take the train out to the airport, but the night before, my friend Cricket offered to drive me. The weather was in the low 70s, ideal for shipping birds, which is very unusual in late July. Airlines won’t ship birds in 85 degrees or more.

So we head out, and we get to the Cargo terminal. A good thing I didn’t try to go by train, it’s pretty remote from the main terminals. Dismal can’t describe it, it’s sure not the passenger waiting area. We get there 25 minutes after the plane landed, but no bird yet. They said it can take an hour. We sit. We wait. The only refreshments are a soda and candy machine, the only entertainment is a TV playing tennis. I knit. Cricket studies for some board exams. We wait.

It’s soon well past an hour and I’m getting antsy. I start bugging the counter guy. Please call the van person. OK, he tries, the radio is dead. Please call the arrival terminal. We are trying. Please call Cleveland airport. The line is busy. I try calling the breeder, twice. No answer. After an excruciating 2+ hours, we finally learn the bird was not on the plane. I’m crushed and worried about him. I call breeder again. She’s frantic. She makes calls. The bird is still in Cleveland, safe and sound, and her husband goes back to get him.

Delta never called either of us to tell us the flight was switched. And it should have taken FAR less than 2.5 hours for JFK to find out this information. I am furious, so disappointed I don’t have my bird, and relieved he’s at least OK.

The temps are now back in the mid to high 80s and destined to stay that way. The next steps are unclear. It’s too hot to try and ship again, and if I wait a month or more, that bird might be a little older than he should be to really bond with me. The breeder had expressed concern about that bird as well. He was a little small, a little too flighty. Maybe he wasn’t meant for me. I didn’t want a refund yet. She has more eggs hatching now, and will surely have a blue male in the clutch. I might just wait for another baby. It’ll be Sept. by the time they are fully weaned – it will hopefully be cooler. I feel really bad if I end up rejecting this baby for another. He’ll have a home though, so that’s good.

There is a new skirt finished, I wore it Saturday, pictures soon. Right now I’m too busy just being a little bummed. But good things come to those who wait, right? There WILL be a bird for me soon.

5 Responses to “Blah”

I’m SO glad the bird is okay! I was very nervous reading this post…

Sorry about the bird, lady. You’ll figure it out and it you’ll get the bird that’s right for you. *mwah*

Oh Jackie, I’m so bummed for you. But yes, at least the bird is OK, and maybe September would be better? Only two months away…

Universe, please send Jackie a birdie.

I’m sorry.
I could say all kinds of reassuring things about timing and meant to be, but…

That stinks.