I am SWAMPED with work. Thus, a brief overview of the last week since I posted.

1. Still haven’t taken a decent photo of skirt #2, but wore it twice now. Haven’t sewed anything since.
2. Very close to finishing second sleeve of Cherry, then just seaming, button bands, and waist tie.
3. Started the ballet tank from Magknits in Shine, just to have a mindless TV project.
4. Celebrated my mother’s 80th birthday with a nice dinner, a baseball game (Go Cyclones!) and much beaching.
5. Had a nice dinner with visiting friend Ayelet who lives way too far away these days.
6. Have been holed up in either office or home, working working working, escaping 100 degree heat as much as possible.
7. No Carolyn, I haven’t gone to the gym.
8. Nor have I had many moments to myself to even email you and nag. So sorry.
9. Been in contact with bird breeder – too hot to ship – waiting for a new clutch of babies to feather so we know if there’s a male for me again.
10. Rubbing dog’s tummy as much as possible to distract him from not going to the park lately.

4 Responses to “One of those lists yet again”

too funny, i just put “email jackie” on my to do list this morning!!!

Hi Jackie,

About your parrotlet. You decided not to get him but wait for the next brood to hatch? Do keep us up on your bird excursion. I own a parakeet and he is such a wonderful companion. He has a string hanging in his home that is left over from a crocheted purse I did and he is so pleased to perch and chew on it.

How long have you been knitting? I have reacquainted myself with knitting and crocheting the past year and a half. Feel rather green with it but am challenging myself with slightly more advanced patterns. Am loving it!


hi my name is jackie too… i learned how too knitt when i was eight years old and been knitting since. I main projects are normally socks..i do do sweaters occasionally. anytime if you want too chat knitting stuff email me.I also have a lot of projects on the go but it’s always fun to start something new. Today i have been working on mohair toques for a client. It has been fun since this is my first time working with mohair. Anyways jackie

hi Jackie … happy birthday!