I should have a finished Cherry to show you. It’s been ages since there was any finished knitting on this blog, eh? Well, she’s nearly done. But wouldn’t you know it, I sewed on the 4 buttons that go on when you do the button band, and reserved the 5th button for the neck band. And I can’t find it anywhere. It’s typical of me, to lose things in my house. Rarely outside – I don’t leave umbrellas, never lose keys, but in my place, it’s a free for all. The button is nowhere to be found. Which means I have another trip to M&J Buttons to make, and hope they still have those. I’m also not wild about the neck band – I picked up too many stitches and it comes too low in front. So I must just have to take this opportunity to unravel it and do it over. Maybe I’ll get to wear Cherry before it’s too cold. Maybe not.

I also have that other Shine tank I started but really, I’m bored with cotton and bored with stockinette. So I haven’t touched that lately.

So what I have done? Well, not finished Lisette, not finished Elfin. Instead I took out Carmel, the Highland Chunky sweater I started a year and a half ago, for that nice wool feel in the cooler temps we’d been having (Sat. so was chilly and rainy it was a perfect knitting day). And I realized as much as I LOVE that pattern, it just wasn’t getting done. I needed something to jump start my knitting interest and maybe get done faster, so I started Starsky from Knitty out of a new skein, and I’m about 8 inches in. I think I like Carmel much better, but Starsky has a good chance of perhaps being my Rhinebeck sweater. If it’s not 85 degrees.

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i think starsky will look cool on you. 😉

i think starsky will look cool on you!

Rhinebeck is so tricky — the weather can change in an instant! Wear Starsky with a tank under.

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