You might remember my story from back in July about trying to pick up my bird from JFK airport. Well I decided not to get that bird, but wait for another baby to hatch. And I was scheduled to pick him up at JFK this Sunday.

Well, I refused to have that episode happen again, so Sunday the breeder called to make sure the bird was on the plane before I left. That’s why I got a call at 1:00 that he was NOT on the plane, right before I was getting on the subway. Man, was I upset. I had turned down having Ty model at the Knit Out, and I was so looking forward to getting the bird.

So, they were rescheduling him for a 6:06 flight that got in at 8. I was nervous about the whole wander around remote cargo area at night alone (it’s nowhere near the passenger terminals, or any taxis, etc.), so my brother was driving me. But again, I refused to get on the train to go to his house till I knew it was OK. I waited impatiently, and at 6:20 or so, the breeder called. She spoke to Cleveland Cargo, the bird was on the plane. Yay! I jumped on the #3 and headed to Alan’s, which took nearly an hour, and we go to JFK.

Once there, he makes a wrong turn in the airport because the signage is all crappy. We get a little lost – I had to get him back on the Van Wyck and try again, but we find it. We get there, the dismal office I went to last time, and get this – the SAME guy is behind the counter. The one that was really not so helpful last time. I tell him I’m there to pick up a bird and he says “I remember you.” I said “I remember you too. And that bird better be on the plane.”

So we sit, he’s looking things up, he calls me over. He’s being more attentive this time, at least. He asks if I got confirmation that the bird was on the plane, and I said yes. He showed me on the computer where it says he was pulled off. I said yes, that was earlier today, a different flight, and he said “oh, you didn’t tell me that”. So he nods, and disappears for awhile. We sit.

It’s about a half hour by now, if not more. I barely ate all day and I’m near passing out. My brother goes to the candy machine and buys a pack of twizzlers and shares it with me. We watch The Amazing Race on TV.

Finally they call me up to the counter again. The bird is not on the
plane. You can only guess that by now I am broken. I’m teary, I’m furious, I’m all kinds of things. A woman comes out and explains to me that they are going to hold him overnight, he’ll be fine, he’ll be on the first flight in the morning. I keep shaking my head. No, no – you don’t understand. I’ve been here twice with this. I have to work tomorrow, I don’t have a car accessible, I don’t know how to get to cargo by public transportation. I said, Nothing personal, but I don’t trust that he’ll even be here tomorrow. She nods. I go out and call the breeder who is as upset as me. We can’t believe this is happening – AGAIN. We discuss options. Does she go pick him up again, and we try a different airline? What do we do?

The woman comes out. I’m on the phone, in tears. The woman is asking my brother what time I get off work tomorrow. He doesn’t know. She interrupts my conversation and asks me. Why is that relevant, I ask? Well, she says, I’m going to do you a favor, because I can see how upset you are. I want to renew your faith in Delta. If you sign a letter saying it’s OK for me to sign for and accept your bird, I’m going to MAKE SURE he’s on that plane tomorrow, even if they have to remove a piece of luggage, and I’m going to bring your bird to you. She gave me her personal cell phone number and her name.

And that’s what happened. She called Cleveland first thing and gave them hell. She made sure that bird was on the 1:00 flight. She picked him up – and she drove him to my office personally.

That woman’s name is Rebecca Irby, at Delta Cargo, and she is a saint.

There’s more coming up. Pics of the new bird, a new blog design, and hey, some actual knitting.

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congratulations!!! i’m so glad to hear that they were nice enough to accommodate you. you certainly don’t get that kind of service from the passenger side of things!

i’ve been to the cargo area at JFK. never again. very scary and completely hard to find things. i’m amazed you got there in one piece.

can’t wait to see the bird!

I’m glad that awful story has a happy ending! I look very forward to seeing pictures of your new bird. Rebecca Irby has some good karma coming her way.

Hooray! That is fantastic! and I am amazed that that woman brought you the bird and stuck her neck out like that. 🙂

can’t wait to see the new birdie. 🙂

Wow. That’s amazing.

I love it when you run smack into someone who’s really a human being. It’s all faith restoring.

I’m glad you got your bird, lady. I’m sorry you had to go through all of that to get him, though.

You should totally call him Spike now, just for how spikey your moods were while trying to get him.

YAY!! I’m so happy the story has a happy ending. A blessing on Rebecca’s house, and I can’t wait to see/meet the new little birdie.

So glad you got your birdy and all is well. I look forward to seeing photos!

What a great story. Almost too good to be true.

I’m so glad that story had a happy ending!!! I was so nervous reading it I almost didn’t read all the way to the bottom. ;o) Congrats!

wow that woman is an angel. and i can’t imagine the pileloads of shit i’d be getting from my brother for crying over a bird. hopefully your brother is nicer than mine!!!!!

I can’t believe she drove the bird to you! Talk about renewing your faith in humanity. (Or at least in the airline!) Rebecca Irby rocks.

Wow, that is a nice story. Her kindness will certainly repaid, I’m sure.

Yay! The baby has landed!!! I can’t wait to meet him, and I’m so very glad that your nightmare with Delta is over. That woman sounds very sweet, it just would have been nicer if there was nothing to make up for in the first place.

Alls well that ends well!! That Rebecca sure must have restored your faith in humanity. How nice of her.

Wow, what a wonderful lady. I’m so happy you got your bird! Can’t wait to see pics.

I just read this post about your bird troubles and Delta airlines. Years ago, I had a run in with Delta counter people who were extremely rude to me. I vowed never to fly Delta ever again and haven’t…it’s been over 14 years now. But I’m glad to hear that someone at Delta stepped up to the plate and went over and above to make things right with you! It almost makes me rethink my ban on Delta airlines…almost! 😉

PS what a handsome bird!

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