19 Responses to “Meet Kennedy”

Isn’t he a pretty bird!

Definitely knitting this weekend! I have got to get that sweater done before the end of the month! I’ll be knitting all weekend. Could you stand some Angel time?

Oh he’s beautiful!! And I love it that you called him Kennedy!

What a cutie. I’m glad he made it ok.

awe, so glad he finally arrived safe and sound!

Awwwwww. That’s one gorgeous bird.

He is so handsome!


So gorgeous and colorful!

pretty bird!

Oh, SO CUTE!!!

Must. meet. Kennedy! When are you free next week?

awwwww. what a cutie! i’m so glad you guys are finally together 🙂

He’s so pretty! Glad he’s finally arrived safe and sound.

Hello Kennedy! What a pretty bird!

P.S. He totally matches your blog.

Wow. What a cutie. And he’s a beautiful color. Yay!!!

Oh my goodness, what a handsome little man you’ve got there! I’m so happy for you!

YEAH BABY! Jackie has a bird!

Hi Jackie,

I haven’t checked your blog for some time and today I see a beautiful little parrot! What a precious little fellow he is! I am SO happy you have your little companion! What an adventure you both went through. I’ll remember Delta Air next time I travel by plane. You can do a nice little chew string for him by making a long crochet chain and hang in the cage. I made one for my parakeet out of leftover cotton yarn and he loves it. The extra length of chain is tied on top of the cage and lowered when the chewed section is well..chewed up. I trim the chewed portion for him to start anew.

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