A call to Manhattanites!
Wednesday night, when my friend Cricket was out of town, her dog sitter lost one of her dogs. She’s a 2 year old, 20 lb. puggle who answers to Bean.


Bean was last seen in the vicinity of 17th St. and 3rd Avenue. She has no collar or ID. If you see this dog, or see any postings of a found puggle (or know of someone who adopted a rescue in the last couple of days that might be Bean), PLEASE call Cricket at 917-000-0000 (edited later). There is a generous reward. As you can imagine, my friend is devastated.

5 Responses to “Have you seen this dog?”

OH, no!! Poor little Bean!

Oh, not the PUGGLE! I have immediately begun safe-return thoughts.

Poor Bean. And poor Cricket. I hope he’s home again soon.

wow… shoot that dog sitter.

I’ll pass theword along

That’s awful! I’ll send this to a bunch of folks. Gawd, I hope he returns home soon.

BTW, i didn’t congratulate you on your new arrival, so belated congrats. He’s beautiful.

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