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Focusing on the good

Posted by jackie blue on September 11th, 2006

Today could be one of those really depressing days. The skies are clear and blue and sunny and it is lovely and cool, but there’s a black cloud hanging over everyone in NYC today, and really, anywhere. I’m going to think about nothing but GOOD things today.

  • Despite his needing to go out at 5 a.m. today, Ty is really the best dog in the world.
  • My new bird is arriving next Sunday. This time, he WILL be on the plane.
  • Heather got married on Saturday under sunny skys and surrounded by beautiful flowers and happy faces, and she looked so beautiful and happy. And I had a pretty new dress on.
  • We have tickets to go to a Buffy The Musical sing-along. Seriously, little can make me smile more.
  • Starsky is coming along very nicely.
  • I met my friend’s new puppy yesterday, a 35 lb. sheepdog puppy.
  • Rhinebeck is coming up in just a little over a month.
  • My comments email here is fixed, and my new blog is underway and should be done soon.
  • I just ordered new shoes. I love new shoes.
  • Fall TV starts soon and really, that’s something to look forward to.
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    Posted by jackie blue on September 6th, 2006

    Seems my ISP did some server upgrading yesterday and now my comments are acting all weird. I plan on migrating to different blog software soonish but in the meanwhile, if you want to leave a comment – go ahead – you’ll get a weird error message but it WILL eventually go through.


    Posted by jackie blue on September 5th, 2006

    I should have a finished Cherry to show you. It’s been ages since there was any finished knitting on this blog, eh? Well, she’s nearly done. But wouldn’t you know it, I sewed on the 4 buttons that go on when you do the button band, and reserved the 5th button for the neck band. And I can’t find it anywhere. It’s typical of me, to lose things in my house. Rarely outside – I don’t leave umbrellas, never lose keys, but in my place, it’s a free for all. The button is nowhere to be found. Which means I have another trip to M&J Buttons to make, and hope they still have those. I’m also not wild about the neck band – I picked up too many stitches and it comes too low in front. So I must just have to take this opportunity to unravel it and do it over. Maybe I’ll get to wear Cherry before it’s too cold. Maybe not.

    I also have that other Shine tank I started but really, I’m bored with cotton and bored with stockinette. So I haven’t touched that lately.

    So what I have done? Well, not finished Lisette, not finished Elfin. Instead I took out Carmel, the Highland Chunky sweater I started a year and a half ago, for that nice wool feel in the cooler temps we’d been having (Sat. so was chilly and rainy it was a perfect knitting day). And I realized as much as I LOVE that pattern, it just wasn’t getting done. I needed something to jump start my knitting interest and maybe get done faster, so I started Starsky from Knitty out of a new skein, and I’m about 8 inches in. I think I like Carmel much better, but Starsky has a good chance of perhaps being my Rhinebeck sweater. If it’s not 85 degrees.