I got tired of futzing around with the design over and over till I found something I was happy with. It’s the story of my life as a designer, it’s never quite good enough. But it was time to move over to new software, so perhaps the design will keep morphing as the impulse hits.You MAY need to update your Bloglines (and other) subscriptions. The new feed is http://www.jackie-blue.com/knit/index.php/feed. And be sure to email me if anything else weird happens.

In the meantime, there’s been knitting. More on that tomorrow.

UPDATE: Your present subscriptions SHOULD work now, if all works as planned.

10 Responses to “Brand New Look”

the new colors are very “fall” to me. 🙂

It’s green! What a surprise!

Seriously–I love it.

Looks great!

Sweetheart, the site looks fantastic. Better than I could have imagined.

the site looks great! incidentally, if you would like all the RSS feeds to switch over on bloglines to the new feed, you should claim your feed on bloglines. it gives you the ability to move around your feed if you need to and your readers will follow you automatically.

go to your account and click on “publisher tools”.

It looks amazing! Love the banner, love the colors. Fabulous!!

Wow! I love the new look. Nice work!

What a great redesign! Love it.
FYI – that feed link goes to a “page not found” and bloglines doesn’t recognize it for me.

Fab new look!

I love the new look, but your feeds don’t work at all.
I suspect the old one might still be working, but I updated my subscription like your post suggested, that doesn’t work. My feed software cannot detect any available feeds on your site.

Do you have the link for your old feed location?

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