It seems my feeds might be a little messed up – if you’re using Bloglines, the old feeds should be updating now but we’ll see – if you’re using any other reader – the feed in the post below (and at the RSS link in the very bottom) SHOULD be working properly – I’m actually having a bit of an error problem with that feed that’s probably server related (edit – now fixed) – but it works in Bloglines for me. I appreciate any warning of feeds not working, and I’m trying my best to rectify the situation.

In the meanwhile, there HAS been knitting around here. Maybe not enough (surely not enough!) to make it to Rhinebeck, but at least it’s something. Here we have Starsky in progress.


I’m looking forward to wearing this one, I think it’s going to be a nice warm cuddly sweater.

Speaking of Rhinebeck, it’s only 2 weeks away. How exciting is that? How FAST is this year going by?

5 Responses to “Feeds and Sweaters”

that is going to be one comfy lovely sweater when it’s done. 🙂

it looks beautiful! I want one…hmmmm…off to check Elann’s stock of Highland Chunky…

looking very, very, good.

is that going to be your rhinebeck sweater?! i am knitting furiously on mine 🙂 (and, i just started it two days ago!)(what am i thinking?!)
your stitchwork looks more complicated than mine too … i look forward to see the sweater(s) finished, because it has actually been cool enough to want to snuggle up in a wool sweater 🙂
good luck!

That looks like it’s going to be one awesome sweater. 🙂 Very pretty pattern. Just wanted to stop by and say hello since you are one of my bingo squares. Hope to see you this weekend! 🙂

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