I’m really glad I chose to alter Starsky’s sleeves to have the cable pattern instead of plain stockinette. Almost done with sleeve #1 thanks to weekend knitting with friends and a slow couple of days at the Mon/Tues. job. Will she be done with this in 10 days? One never knows. One doubts though.

Baby birds don’t necessarily love a bath the first time so putting them under a running faucet might not be the best introduction. (Don’t worry, he’s fine!)

Both my pairs of folding knitting scissors have disappeared. Really have no idea where they are.

One should not leave their cell phone in a jacket pocket when it’s going to be a warm day the next day. Currently without phone.

There’s nothing like a Tuscan bean soup, even when the weather suddenly becomes too warm for soup.

I’m really liking the new Decemberists album.

It’s a good TV night tonight.

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i like the new decemberists too! their usual quirky but sweetly melodic.

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