Another whirlwind weekend come to close. Although this year blessed us with some rain again on Friday, the drive up was MUCH less stressful, and the weather on Saturday could not be more perfect. My biggest regret of the weekend is the usual – not spending enough time with various people that I don’t often get to see. It’s just so overwhelming trying to keep track of everyone! And I think Saturday had more people than ever before. It was mobbed.

We had a suite of 7 women and I wish I could have seen the living room gals a little more. But we had a nice gathering on Friday, and I really enjoyed, despite the worst headache, the hotel lobby gathering on Saturday night.

We discovered food right next to the hotel that really was pretty good. We listened to the Dandy Warhols at least a dozen times and I’m still singing it.

I met some nice new people and really enjoyed spending some quality time with new friend Julia.

I didn’t expect to buy much since my stash is out of control, and I really didn’t. My modest haul was not cheap but it’s pretty great. Photos of that to come, since right after getting home (and a couple of hours in the dog run with the pup) I had a little mishap at home involving a dog, a bird, and a glass dining table. Don’t worry, they are all fine. I, however, have a huge lump on the side of my forehead that is now turning purple. Thank goodness for long hair. I may scare small children. Anyway, needless to say, I didn’t feel much like photographing haul last night.

I leave you instead with some photos of the weekend – also wish I took more, missed so many people! I will caption them at some point. Must get back to work. (ugh)

3 Responses to “It’s Over, Sigh”

Oh no! Glad all in the Jackie house are OK. And I don’t remember you taking half those pictures.

thanks for sharing all the fab photos… made me feel like I was there!

Your flickr album is fantastic – seriously, some of the very best weekend pictures I’ve seen. I love the one of Thumper and Rachel – is that the world’s most photogenic baby, or what?

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