So I didn’t buy much at all this year. This doesn’t mean I didn’t spend money. Some things weren’t photographed, like the slippers I got Mom to thank her for staying the weekend and watching the animals – or the sheepskin wash I bought for my old dirty slippers – or the sheepskin I bought as a bed for Ty – I was going to post that but really I don’t want to offend those who might not like that I got a sheepskin. I feel hypocritical as it is, loving the animals and then eating lamb or wearing leathers – but I don’t want this to turn into a politically correct debate so let’s move on the yarn, shall we?

So I’ve been wanting some Trekking for awhile (it’s sock weather after all) and despite it’s availability locally, I headed to Carodan Farms and picked up these two lovelies.


That’s 107 and 108 for those of you playing at home.

Then, I only bought one other yarn. That’s it. Just one. But what a lovely one. A sweaters worth of organic merino from Greenwood Hill Farm. I have been coveting this since last year when Juno sent a few other friends to pick some up. This year, it was coming home with me. I figured despite the fact that I just bought a chocolate brown cashmere hoodie AND am knitting Starsky in chocolate brown, one can never have too much chocolate.


So yeah, that’s it. I did fall madly in love with some merino/alpaca that Brooks Farm had. Solid, not their usual. It was so soft I nearly cried. But it was pricey and that was Sunday, after I’d already bought all this merino on Saturday. I think I’ll just have to think about it all year and buy some next year.

Is it next year yet?

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I also fell, hard, for some dark brown yarn and bought enough for a sweater (mine’s Cormo, not merino). If I had been smart enough to buy sock yarn I would have had something to knit the second day of the weekend – sheesh.

Loved the slideshow of your pix. Thanks!

great haul from rhinebeck! i think that i saw you over by cari but was too dazed by everything to say hello 🙂

yay! Love that Chocolate brown stuff! Those photos are great. I can’t wait for next year either….

Oh, that chocolate yarn looks yummy. Of course you couldn’t resist that. How fun you bought the Trekking in pink and green I was lusting after…I’ll have to see how it looks knit up.

That is some delicious looking chocolate. I love a rich brown like that.

I firmly believe that you can never have too much brown. Particularly organic brown.

But I’m sorry about your head – does it still hurt?

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