Look! Another post from me! That’s 3 in less than a week. Can you stand it? I might just get back into this blogging thing.

So, Starsky didn’t make it to Rhinebeck. It was oh so close. But I knew that socializing didn’t mix too well with seaming and stuff and I didn’t want the bulk added to my suitcase. I worked on the belt on the ride up there and then basically forgot about it the rest of the weekend. I have about a yard of belt. Another to go. And then end weaving, belt loops, and about an inch more of collar/border. Like I said, oh so close. Luckily work is slow this week and I can take evenings to finish it. I expect a new sweater by the weekend.

And so I needed a small easy project for Rhinebeck since all my other in-progress things are far along and up to fiddly parts. A good time to return to socks. Especially when the entire universe was lining up for Socks that Rock and I’ve had some in my stash forever. This is STR in the Pebbles colorway. I started this (several times) on Friday, restarted it on Saturday, and knit it all the way home. It’s now my subway project.

Mmmmm. Socks.

4 Responses to “Knitting Update”

Dude – those are some fabby socks! Your pictures of Rbeck are the bestest in blogland – I so enjoyed you NY’rs on the move – whish i was there ;p

pretty colorway! it’s nice and subtle.. different from most of their STR colors!

can you send me derections about how to knit socks and hats?

thank you,

Alright! Nice to see some serious sock action, after being witness to some serious rip-age!

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