After 25 of various car ownership and 16 years with my current car, I am carless. My mother just called, she just sold it. It sat on her lot for ages, unused except for the occasional dinner out near her place in the summers, and months would go by without it being driven. I don’t need a car in Manhattan. I rarely leave town to a place I’d need to drive. The car had lost most of it’s shine due to sitting in sea/salt air, and the paint job was atrocious, so I was embarrassed to even be seen in it. It leaked from damage from a long ago hurricane. The interior was drying up. But yet, she just called to tell me this and I burst into tears.


Bye car. I will really miss you.

Worst thing is, she sold it to someone who works in her building. It will remain in our parking spot till he fixes it up, and I will probably see it again when it is lovely and new looking. And it won’t be mine. Sniff.

*disclaimer – the photo above is the same model/color of my car, but not my actual car. Can you believe I don’t even have a photo to remember it by? sniff.

Starsky is done but due to warmth and laziness, didn’t take any photos yet.

4 Responses to “Sniff”

I’m sorry about your car, honey. I understand.

Car, I hardly knew ye. But I know how important you were to our Jackie. You will be missed.

And I just realized how ridiculous that sounded. But I feel for you.

Awww…my sympathies. I remember riding in it when it was all shiny and new and that is how it will remain in my mind forevermore.

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