Finally, a photo. Starsky was finished last weekend but it got too warm to wear it, and even at a brisk 39 degrees this morning – wearing just a cashmere turtleneck and Starsky, I was broiling. This is a WARM sweater.


Pattern: Starsky from Knitty
Modification: Added cables to plain stockinette sleeves
Yarn: Peruvian Highland Chunky from Elann

And just for the hell of it, a picture of Kennedy making himself quite at home.


17 Responses to “Finished Starsky”

Wow, Jackie, that’s brilliant! Very stylish. Kennedy is a beauty, and it seems he’s quite comfy in his new home.

You look great, lady!

Starsky looks great! Very cozy. How did you like the Highland Chunky? I’ve come thisclose to buying it a number of times now….

Gorgeous! It looks great on you.

And what a pretty bird. Pretty bird!

The sweater is wonderful on you!
Love the bird picture!!!!

Aw, hey Kennedy! The cables on the sleeve were absolutely the right call. That sweater looks so damn good on you. I’m tempted to add it to my to-knit list and copy you on the sleeve mods.

Very nice sweater. And what a cute bird! Settled in quite nicely, it seems.

mmm, starsky looks warm and comfy! going to be great on those sub-zero NYC nights!

aw, kennedy is super cute.

Great looking sweater. I may have to try my hand at that one.

Oh, yes, a gorgeous Starsky! I can’t believe the original pattern didn’t include those cabled sleeves; it looks just right with them.

Jackie! It’s gorgeous, and looks great on you! I love the cables on the sleeve too, very nice touch.

Great sweater! The cables on the sleeves were a great touch (I didn’t even notice the original didn’t have them). I might make a copy of yours, since I was lamenting that Sierra did not come in chocolate brown.

i agree – the decision to put the cables on the sleeves was great and totally makes the sweater! 🙂

Lovely sweater – very classy and fun on you… Let’s put that on my knit-envy list.

Starsky looks fantastic on you! I would gladly give you my car. I hate being a car owner.

Starsky is great! Your mods look great and I’m sure the cold weather will be just around the corner. Ah February in NYC…brrrr.

Nice job on that (warm) sweater, Jackie — it looks great on you.

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