I’m just lost in miles and miles of mohair ruffles. People who know me have probably heard me swear many times I will never knit with mohair again (especially dental floss weight mohair) but damn, Elfin needs her ruffles. And many ruffles she has.

I’m also still working on the first Rhinebeck Socks that Rock sock. I vowed to keep going till the yarn was gone, and it will be nearly, if not, knee height very soon. Of course there’s Sock #2 to worry about then. And it’s really only my travel project and I don’t commute to work every day, so it’s slow going.

Tonight I’ll finish seaming Elfin and then it’s just Ruffles Away. Meanwhile, I’m itching to start one new thing, so will it be something with the brown alpaca I bought at Rhinebeck 2 years ago or will it be the Greenwood Hill merino I bought this year? It’s a really hard call…

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i vote for the stuff you bought this year! 🙂

Alpaca! Alpaca!!!

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