but my USB card reader, along with my SD card (and a number of photos) – is missing. It’s always right by computer, but now it’s nowhere to be found. I looked on the floor. I looked on computer desk shelf – in the magazine basket – in the chair cushion next to my desk. I looked in a bag of hodge podge things that I put aside to be put away for another day. It’s gone.

There hasn’t been anyone in my apartment but mom, friends, and dog walker, and I can’t see any of these people feeling compelled to swipe a stupid card reader.

So, I was going to post a photo of a long sock today, but I’m too lazy to get out the camera cables to hook it up to the computer. I’ll have to find this thing eventually, right? Good thing readers and SD cards have gotten pretty cheap – and there aren’t any incriminating photos on my card.

*UPDATE: Found it. You wouldn’t guess where.

5 Responses to “I don’t know how things disappear…”

In Ty’s cubby? In Kennedy’s cage (Ty setting him up). In your kitchen?

Nope, I’m betting it was right by the computer, but under the one thing you didn’t pick up to look under. Because that’s where it would be if it were my USB reader.

Either that or it was in your bathroom.

I was betting on the bird cage too…

Hmmm. I have to side with Michelle. As that’s also where my stuff usually is. But I have cats, so I usually blame them…

I blame the bird.

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