So yeah, ok, I went to get my sneakers out of the bottom of the closet to go to the gym and there was my card reader. I must have picked up a pair of boots to toss in the closet and the wire got mixed in. Only me, folks, only me.

So here’s the first knee sock right before I knit the last few rows. It’s bound off now, with less than a foot of yarn to spare, and sock #2 is on the needles. I hope it takes me less than a month to do that one. After all, I have lots more sock yarn waiting, including 2 lovely skeins of Vesper recently acquired. And Trekking! Whoo! I need to get a move on with these socks.


And I’m still working on Elfin ruffles, though it’s kind of difficult sometimes, when knitting in my house looks like this.


10 Responses to “Knee Sock #1”

lovely sock. crazy ruffles. hungry bird?

The sock is gorgeous. One of these days I’ll do toe-up and get going with the knee socks. And Kennedy? I’ve GOT to meet the little cutie. (Is he preening your cuticles?)

Love love love those socks. And that picture of the bird is so cute.

hahaha, kennedy is such a cutie. look at him going for the knitting hand!

think he’s an acceptable handicap. Like knitting around the cat (who’s chin is resting on my forearm right now) this is the price we pay. Glad you guys are getting used to each other.

So.cute. I had a parakeet once. He never, ever got tame.

I love the knee sock!!

Awwww…who’s a pretty bird!

My parakeet, BabyBird, does that too! What are the elfin ruffles for? I haven’t had a change to read any of your blog lately.


I love the photo of your parakeet, is so cute

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