As much as I’d like to wear Elfin already, I just can’t get myself to work on these ruffles. I’m dreading – DREADING – the 600+ stitches on two of them. So, to procrastinate as much as possible (and not finishing any other works in progress I’d told myself I’d finish) – I have cast on for something new.

Last week I received a set of the Knitpicks option needles. As much as I love my Addi’s, and I do, I was tired of not having the exact length or size I needed at any time. Well, these are great! I wish they also had shorter cables and smaller needle sizes, but I’m very happy with the feel of these. Anyway, since I had to test them out immediately, and I had all this chocolate merino sitting around, I needed to start something new, right?

My original plan was to make Kim Hargreaves’ Raw from Rowan 32. A nice lightwight sweater (my merino is DK weight). So I cast on for that, and maybe it was just a bad day (because I am pretty good at chart reading) but that chart just made my head hurt. I know if I stuck to it I would have got the hang of it after the first repeat but I didn’t even feel like looking at the chart for the first few rows. I got lazy. I wanted something much more intuitive.

I then I found this.

And that seemed perfect to me. So I cast on. And knit away. (Disclaimer: I am a bad swatcher. I never swatch. I guess on sizing. I am really the worst at planning projects.) So I knit for awhile and this yarn has a lot of thicks and thins and the thins are REALLY thin. And the work looked too open for me. So I ripped. And cast on again with one needle size smaller. It’s still a size larger than recommended for this yarn, but it’s better. And I’m knitting the same size I started before, so now I just hope that after washed and blocked, it will be sized just right for me. I know, I know, I can measure now. but what fun is that?


So here’s a bad cell phone photo of my progress. I am pretty happy with it – just hoping the yarn has nice bloom to fill out the thin spots. And be softer than it is now – although it feels squooshy in the skein, it’s kind of cottony feeling to work with. I’m sure washing will make it delicious.

3 Responses to “Ruffles? What ruffles?”

I should have knit your ruffles yesterday!

i couldn’t read a chart to save my life this weekend! i feel your pain 🙂

It’s going to be just beautiful. I have such a yen to knit something soft and cabled. I guess i should learn to read charts, hmmmm?

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