And brought me the best knitting chair. Now, just bring on the cold weather so I could nest and knit in my cozy home. It’s like 70 degrees today!

8 Responses to “Santa came early”

Go Santa Go! What an awesome chair for knitting (and reading, and drinking tea, and watching TV, and living, and … it’s just awesome!).

Oh I’m Jealous! Beautiful chair, you lucky knitter you!

THAT is awesome! I love me a leather chair.

FYI, Bloglines says you updated at 6:47 last night. And I apparently updated at 11:19 pm! Crazy!

That looks like such a great place to curl up and knit. And you got your wish for cooler weather. I hope you’re enjoying your new chair and lots of knitting time this weekend!

I do believe you got your wish, eh? Knit on…

That’s a great chair! Congrats. I’ll remind you of wishing for cold weather in February.

it looks super comfy!!! 🙂

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