So I figured that getting rid of a light colored, floral chair and putting in this big leather thing would make my apartment rather dark and a little masculine (despite the floral rug and ivy on the walls). I don’t get much light so it’s dark in here as it is. Time for some weekend sewing coming up, and adding more splashes of color.


This gorgeous fabric, Amy Butler’s Sunbloom, will replace my solid boring beigey curtains. Doesn’t it look great with the rug colors?


More Amy, fat quarters from the Charm collection. This will become several throw pillows. I might even try doing some quilting patterns for them.

Coming in the mail tomorrow is a rotary cutter with ruler and board. Can’t wait to prettify the apartment some.

5 Responses to “Stuff for a Random Wednesday”

Ooh, nice fabric. That’ll be beautiful and the stripes will make it easy to cut the curtains straight (I always let me curtains hang for a week before hemming since I seem go off grain at some point). Also, your fat quarters remind me of the bulletin board project Mariko just posted about ( Hmm…Happy sewing!

Nice colors indeed! Makes me want to dig out my sewing machine too!

It’s Amy Butler-rific!!! I’m so jelous. Also, the rotary cutter will change your quilting life. Can’t wait for the end product(s)!

Lemme guess – Purl Patchwork? And you’ve used a rotary cutter before, right? Be careful, and call if you’ve got a question. (I have rotary cutter paranoia, sorry.)

sounds like a fun weekend coming up!!! 🙂 wish i could be there to hang out and drink hot chocolate and make sarcastic comments while you sew. but i’m sure you can do a pretty good job of imagining me there, right? 🙂

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