Socks that Rock – original weight (equal to today’s Heavyweight I’d guess) in Pebbles colorway.

No pattern, just a standard toe up ribbed sock – knit till it was almost gone.

It’s hard to get a good shot on a rainy NYC day so these are a bit blurry. The socks are SO WARM, too, that unless we have winter sometime soon, they might just be decoration. I don’t know that I’ll knit knee socks anytime again soon, but it was fun to see how far the yarn would go.

6 Responses to “First FO of 2007”

Yay, you finished! I knew you would. They look beautiful!

i love them jackie! especially those increases up the side. i hope you get to wear them this winter. today is supposed to be 70 degrees!

I’ve never knit knee socks in my life, so you are one up on me. As to when you’ll wear them….I saw the teenage girls wearing flip-flops today. Crazy.

They’re be-utiful! Yay for you for sticking to it.

Yeay! They look great! Here’s hoping for cooler weather for you and your sockies.

They’re wonderful! The way the weather is going, it wouldn’t surprise me if we were to have a snowstorm in April or May, so you may get to wear them yet.

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