The day is starting out great. I walk to Union Square and put Ty in his bag and head down to the subway. I’m wearing a wide legged cuffed pant, and somewhat pointy but thank god, flat, boots. On the way down the stairs, a boot tip gets caught in the cuff of the other leg and I trip.

Ty is on my shoulder, bag slung to the back. As you might know, my dog is not a little toy bag dog. He’s a good sized animal and with my handbag, I’ve got about 30 lbs. on my shoulder. As I fall, the bag swings forward.

Somehow, I grab the rail, and I don’t fall more than a couple of steps. My knee hits a step but I’m OK. Miraculously, Ty doesn’t fly off my shoulder and doesn’t hit too hard when the bag lands.

We could have both ended up in the hospital this morning. I shook on the train platform.

So I get to work, and the coffee is cold because the pot was left on a desk instead of the hot plate, and a page that needed a quick fix blew up in my face and needed to be completely done over.

What else, today, I ask you?

Oh yeah, knitting. I started a simple toe up sock out of Trekking 108. It’s mindless, so I’m nearly up to the heel. I did another square of the baby blanket – square count now up to 6. The Aran Pullover is slowly chugging along. Don’t even mention ruffles.

11 Responses to “Traumatic Tuesday”

Oh my goodness, I’m so glad you’re OK, and Ty’s OK! Lately I’ve been convinced that, since I go to work pre-coffee, I’m going to trip UP the stairs on my way out of the subway and the horde behind me will trample me to death.

Glad you’re okay! That could have been a bad one…

Glad you and the boy are ok, lady!

Nothing else: remember, it goes in threes. I know it’s a silly superstition, but I take comfort in the “only three” factor.

Thank goodness neither you nor Ty were badly hurt! Hoping that the rest of your day goes swimmingly.

Yeah, let’s not mention ruffles at all. Glad you two are okay. That could’ve been ugly.

I too have caught heels on pant cuffs in a rush to catch a train. It takes a while to recover from the close call with tumbling down the stairs. Glad to hear that you and Ty are okay!

Wow, glad you’re both ok! I hope you didn’t get too bruised and have to wear tights for a week. I used to trip down those stairs all the time and then wonder what my hand touched…

I am so glad you are both okay. My dog is 20 lbs and I am always worried about falling on the subway stairs with her!

Oh grumble! I hate days that start that way. I’m just glad you and Ty are okay.

I’m awfully glad this story had a happy ending…take care.

Glad you are both OK. Falling with or dropping my dog are my greatest fears.

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