Really. I guess I could babble endlessly about day to day crap like my 13+ year old refrigerator finally getting replaced (with a model probably about 10 years old, but hey, with an actual separate freezer instead of the tiny inside unit my other one had) and how the “new” one has been making this horrible clanking sound whenever the compressor shuts off so now I have to try and get that taken care of, either with a technician coming or my super giving me yet another unit. But that’s pretty boring, don’t you think?

Or I can post about the 4 or so inches I added to the Aran pullover over a marathon of Six Feet Under yesterday. But that’s just more of the same cabling, nothing to see here, folks. I can post about the Trekking sock, now at the ankle, and how I don’t love my too square Turkish cast on with the side points too prominent, or how I made it just a bit too big for my foot but thankfully when it’s on, the heel wraps up enough that it fits OK, or how the first row of my heel pattern got messed up and I did two rows in a row of slip stitches so now I have to do that to the second sock too, but hey, I don’t have any pics to show so that’s kinda dull too.

Or I can whine about how I have to work at the newspaper today when most of this county is languishing in a long weekend, but I guess since I barely worked last week I really can’t complain too much. Right now any work is good.

So really, nothing to say. The Golden Globes are tonight and I look forward to that. It takes so little to amuse me.

Something to say?