So even though I haven’t officially joined any Knit from Your Stash knitalongs, my goal for this year is basically the same as last – no buying any yarn before Rhinebeck unless it’s for a gift and you have nothing appropriate (the superwash I recently got for the blanket) OR if the yarn itself is a gift (or gift certificate) it’s OK.

So some time ago when a new yarn store was opening here in Manhattan, I had a few meetings with the owner about possibly designing their web site. For various reasons the project never came to be but to thank me for my time, the owner sent me a $50 gift card. Seeing as how this store is not in my neighborhood or one that I have frequented lately, I never used it. So last night, I met up with a friend who also had a gift card for the same place, and we shopped. I couldn’t figure out what I wanted – I have enough sock yarn to tide me over for the year, and I had no other projects in mind. I could have gotten some really nice sea silk or the like, but the card would only purchase maybe one skein of that and something else. I wanted to have something I would really use.

So here it is. Nothing too fancy, but I love it. Cascade 220 in a heathery green (what else?) – enough for an entire sweater. Color me happy.


But I promised I wouldn’t touch it till I finish several other projects. (Ruffles, anyone?) So here’s one I need to finish, a rather blurry photo of my Trekking sock.


It’s gonna be a knitty weekend around here.

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I wish I had known you were going. I would have had you pick me up some grey 220. I’m feeling the need to knit another pirate kitty. 🙂

Woo for knitty weekend. It’s totally the weather for it. Finally.

haha. Nothing like a new yarn purchase to expedite the finishing of other knits!

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