14. My super just took my toilet. I have no bed, I have no toilet. The fun never ends around here.

7 Responses to “Special 14th Edition”

no toilet?!?!? now THAT i need!! 🙂

Yikes! Is he gonna bring you back a new one??

The hell?


I don’t get it. I’m pretty sure it didn’t look all that portable last time I used it.
HI! 🙂
(when’s a good time to call you tomorrow?)

Babe, all of that sucks ass. My best wishes for massive and near-term improvement.

Oh dear heaven! What the hell is going on over there? I’d buy a blowup mattress with pump at the Walgreens and sleep on that. Those are amazingly comfy and fold down to nothing when you don’t have company.

Feel better and get a toilet quickly – please!

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