I have no idea how this happened. The socks are barely weeks old. True I’ve been wearing them a lot on these cold cold days, but c’mon, it’s heavyweight Socks That Rock, it should have more wear than that in them. I don’t recall trying to shove the socks into my favorite but oh so hard to pull on boots, so I really haven’t a clue. But now I must find where I put the tiny bit of extra yarn, and start darning. I stink at darning. Bah.

In good news though, my favorite cranky monkey’s arse arrives tomorrow to make a quilt with me all weekend. How cool is that?

10 Responses to “Boo hoo”


Wait… that yeay was for a cranky monkey butt. I meant a BOOO! and a WAAAHHH! for the unhappy sock.

Could it have gotten snagged in the wash?

(I’m gonna kick Carolyn’s butt for not telling me she’s coming to town.)

dude. you just made those. that’s nuts!! have you been wearing them EVERY DAY?! 🙂

could ty have a sudden sock craving?

Oh No! That really stinks. I’m crying over here for you and the sock.

Boohoo is right. They don’t really rock, do they? Nice boots!

Holy crap is that terrible! You expect it someday, but those were brand new!!!

Oh lord that sucks! AND they’re orange – the best color in the whole world.

I’m EXTREMELY jealous you’ll have Carolyn all weekend. Tell her hi!

That shouldn’t have happened.

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