A.K.A. The Sweatshop – Day 2

In an effort to ignore Valentine’s Day, and because I’m a day late with this anyway, I give you Part 2 of our Quilting Weekend.

We had considerably less time to work on this on Sunday, due to actually leaving the apartment for our meals. So after getting back from brunch – I sewed the border on the top, and then we were ready to go with our quilting. Carolyn showed me how to make the sandwich with the backing and batting, and we spent a good amount of time safety pinning to baste it. Then the lessons began. Carolyn brought some extra batting and muslin to show me (and Stephanie, who came to observe) how to pin, cut and sew the binding, and use the walking foot, etc. She also showed us the darning foot for free form quilting. I practiced a bit on the sample and then moved to start my stabilizing seams. A bit of a glitch happened with my first seams – I kept the machine on a slow speed so I was sure to stay in the ditch but it was too slow and my stitches came out really tiny. After speeding it up and a bit more practice, I was on a roll.

Pinning and sewing the border
Carolyn pins the sandwich
Doesn’t it look pretty?
What, you mean I can’t just use it like this?
Ty was really bored through the whole thing and hid in his carrier

All in all it was such a fun time and I’m so grateful to Carolyn for the help and also for the company. I’d never work that hard on it all at once if alone. Now I have to quilt the rest of it, and it’s a busy week so far but I hope to have it finished this weekend.

5 Responses to “The Girl Reaction Intensive 2 Day Quilting Course”

Now I just need to get a walking foot and eleventy billion safety pins and I can get down to business.

smooches to you, Ty!!! miss you!

Manhattan Quilt Boot Camp.


Looks like alot of fun was had.

and such good motivation to get me back to those quilting skills i promptly forgot about after a beginners class at purl…

How jealous am I of your fun weekend! Great quilt, am I supposed to believe you’re a beginner? I think you’re a natural.

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