I meant to buy more quilt fabric for a baby quilt. I didn’t get any. I was also looking for some printed silks to make some spring tops. Didn’t buy any. I didn’t mean to go to the Liberty cotton rack, but it was like a magnet. I couldn’t help myself.


The left fabric will be a dress, on a similiar order as the last one I made. The right fabric was confiscated by my mother. She wanted a project and so she took an Anthropologie skirt I just bought and will make another for me out of this gorgeous print.

I can’t wait for spring/summer.

(There is a first runner up in the finishing race, but haven’t taken any photos yet.)

4 Responses to “Mom and I went fabric shopping”

Those fabrics look fantastic. Go, Mom, for making you a skirt you know you’re going to love.

Love love love the fabric on the right. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

I, too, look forward to skirt and sandals weather! Those fabrics are great: i can’t wait to see the finished garments.

totally diggin’ the new fabrics!

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